Safe Parking and Driving


Parking problems persist (March 2017)

After a short period of ‘respite’ parking issues are coming to the fore once more. Please be vigilant around the school site and drive/park with respect for the safety of residents and our wider school community. We have contacted the local authority to support in this. We also ask that the rule around not entering the school site be adhered to and if any of the gates at the front of the school are opened to CLOSE THEM to support safety on the site. Thank you.

Fire Station Drop Off Zone (March 2017)

Please make sure that you are using the fire station drop off point correctly. Cars must not be parked and left in the fire station – the area is a DROP OFF point only. Please make sure that you are stopping in the designated areas. The fire station will stop us from accessing the service if their rules are not followed. DROP OFF ZONE INFO


Parking (Jan 2017)

During a recent visit from the Fire Brigade – the fire engine found its way blocked by cars parking on the corner of the turn in to the drive running up to the school

Please think about how you park as obstructing an emergency vehicle could lead to precious time being wasted in an emergency

On Friday 25th November we held a Beep Beep! Day; which pulled together our work throughout Road Safety Week. The Beep Beep! Day is run by Brake who support families affected by road crashes and campaign for safer roads. To find out more about their work, visit
Children came to school wearing bright clothing. The main aim of Beep Beep! Days are to raise awareness of road safety. We used the day to talk to children about basic messages such as:  – crossing the road safely – traffic is dangerous and fast and they must never run into the road – red means stop, green means go – in cars, they must stay safe and wear their seatbelts

A child is hurt or killed every 33 minutes on UK roads. We are doing our bit to ensure this never happens in our community. Please help us by supervising your child closely on roads and continuing to teach road safety as you do.
In particular, we ask you to pledge to always: – cross roads safely with your child, using it to teach the Green Cross Code – ensure your child holds an adult’s hand around roads, until they are at least eight – in cars, ensure your child is buckled up in a child restraint suitable for their size and weight until they are 150cm tall  – if you drive, go 20mph or below around homes, schools and shops, with respect for other people’s children.

Parking (November 2016) and the danger posed by some of our parent community to children and adults using the roads around the school are becoming high profile once more. As you know there have been many ‘incidents’ and ‘near misses’ and we are fearful that at some point someone will be seriously injured. It is an issue which our children often comment upon and feel anxious about. PLEASE think carefully if you can help us to improve this situation

A dangerous situation (Sept 2016)

After a near miss this morning we would like to re-iterate the importance of safe parking and driving in and around school grounds.

We are receiving almost daily complaints about car’s parking illegally, irresponsibly and on the pavements around school.

We have contacted the Community Enforcement Team who will be patrolling the area.

We ask for your further support in making our site and the roads around our school safer for children and adults.

Please drive and park thoughtfully with regard to our neighbours and pedestrians and when possible leave the car at home and walk.

The park and stride arrangement with aldi is still in place and an opportunity to teach valuable road safety lessons daily.

There is NO PARKING on the school site, unless you need to access the disabled parking spaces. If you need to access disabled parking then you are able to do so on the school site but parking is limited. The school caretaker can support families in accessing disabled parking and can be contacted through the school office.

Thank you in anticipation of your support in keeping our children safe.

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