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Jul 22

Well – the end of term seemed to speed towards us, as we were very busy ; with a packed out of school programme and transition – and then it was upon us.

We had an emotional whole school assembly on Friday morning – saying ‘Goodbye’ to children and some staff – moving on to new adventures. It was our big SHINE awards assembly, when all staff make an award to children across school and we also thank School Council for their contributions to school life, over the year. The singing group sang their Superheroes song and the proceedings were brought to a close with our leavers singing their new song, Colours, with some very poignant lyrics. Thank you to Mr Newton for this …

The Year 6 cohort, who have been a great team, have left us with some very lovely words and generous gifts, by which we have been very touched…

Have a great summer and whatever your challenge in September GO FOR IT !

Mrs W



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