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Mellors Catering have been providing our schools meal service since April 2016. Overall the feedback on the meals from staff and children has been positive.


Mellors newsletter to parents – Newsletter

MENU Menu September 2017

The children continue to be very positive about the changes in the midday meal now on offer:

There are more options.

The rota menu helps you think in advance (all children can see the 3 week menu in a way they can access). 

You don’t need to wait to know what you want because it’s on the menu.

There is more flavour.

I can’t wait for curry day!

I want more chicken nuggets     

They’re more healthy.

They’re great; it’s things mum makes.

Very nice but the custard tastes like plastic (this has been passed to cook).

I am excited by the new menu!

Way better than before – much more tasty.

More things for vegetarians to pick from.

Payment for school meals is managed through ParentPay – please contact the school office to activate your account




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