At Yarm Primary we deliver a broad balanced curriculum. Below are the curriculum offers for each year group. If you would like to find out about some of the learning that has taken place, please have a look at the blogs for each class.





year-4 year-4




Please click on the links below to download and read the latest curriculum newsletters. To find out more about Yarm Primary School’s Curriculum please contact the school office (01642 782731).

Spring 2018

EY1 Spring Curriculum letter 2018

EY2 Spring 1 Food and the Jungle

Y1 Spring Term Curriculum letter

Y2 Curriculum Letter Spring 2018

Y3 Spring Term Curriculum Letter

Y4 SPRING Curriculum Letter NEW

Y5 – Spring Curriculum Newsletter

Y6 Spring Newsletter


Autumn 2017

Nursery – Autumn Curriculum letter 2017

EY2 (Reception) Autumn Newsletter 2017 EY2

Y1 New Autumn Term Curriculum letter

Y2 Curriculum Letter Autumn 2017

Y3 Autumn Term Curriculum Letter

Y4 Autumn Curriculum Letter copy for 2017

Y5 Autumn Curriculum Newsletter

Y6 Autumn Newsletter


Curriculum Letters 2016/17

Summer 2017

Nursery Summer curriculum letter 2017 FS1

Reception Summer Term Letter

Y1 Summer Term Curriculum letter

Y2 Curriculum Letter Summer 2017

Y3 Summer term Curriculum letter

Y4 SUMMER Curriculum Letter

Y5 Summer Curriculum Newsletter

Y6 Summer Newsletter

Spring 2017

Nursery Spring Newsletter 2017

Reception Spring 1 Newsletter – Food

Year 1 New Spring Term Curriculum letter

Year 2 Curriculum Letter Spring 2017

Year 3 Spring Term Curriculum Letter

Year 4 Curriculum Letter

Year 5 Spring Curriculum Newsletter

Year 6 Spring Newsletter

Autumn 2016










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