School staff are able to dispense medication to children in school only if the required doses cannot be given at home around the school day.

Please note! The school governing body understand that administering medication is not part of a teachers’/support staff professional duties and therefore we respect the agreement and decision made by each individual member of staff.

Agreed Procedure

  • Medication should only be given to children where medication forms are completed by parent/carer
  • Medication will be stored in line with our managing medication policy

Asthma and Inhalers

  • Children with asthma should have an up to date asthma form. Inhalers must be brought in and must be named.

Emergency salbutamol inhalers are available in school.

  • The school does have emergency inhalers. These should only be used by children, for whom written parental consent for use of emergency inhaler is given, who have been diagnosed with asthma or prescribed an inhaler as reliever medication..

Allergies and Epi-pens

  • Children who suffer from allergies and have epi-pens must be highlighted to the office and the appropriate paperwork completed. Their information will then be passed to the child’s class teacher and displayed in the office and the staff room.
  • Written consent must be obtained from parents/carers to authorise the school to administer school held medications. If a child requires a dose of school medication, e.g. calpol or piriton, then parents must also be contacted by phone for their agreement before any medication is dispensed.

If you would like a meeting with school to discuss your child’s medical needs then please contact the school office and we will be happy to arrange this for you.

Medicine in School

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