Jill Wood Principal 
Vicki Hughes Vice Principal 
Jayne Barber Vice Principal 


Early Years Staff
Mrs Parkes Mrs Willis
Mrs Barber Miss Puttick
Mrs Hughes Miss Gott
Miss Williams Miss McHale
Year 3  
Miss Oliver Miss Anderson
Year 4  
Miss Wood Mr Painter
Year 5  
Mr Jefferies Mr Parry
Year 6  
Mr Smith Mr Wood

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Laughton Mrs Dent
Mrs Gibson Mrs Grey
Mrs Bell Mr Clements
Mr Robinson Miss Palmer
Miss Dale Mrs Whitaker
Mrs Meek

Mr Kundu

Mr Naylor Mr Povey

Admin Staff

Mrs Tyerman Miss Dixon
Mrs Gartland  

Site Supervisor

Mr Graham  

Did you know?

The following people have responsibilities as part of the statutory duty for safeguarding:

Designated person – Jill Wood

Deputy Designated personnel – Vicki Hughes & Jayne Barber

Officer responsible for Looked After children (LAC) – Jill Wood

Special educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) – Jayne Barber

All these people are contactable via the main school office.