School Uniform at Yarm Primary School


Reflecting current government guidance -  

 We believe that wearing a uniform creates a sense of belonging and identity –

Team Yarm!

- and helps to set an appropriate tone for education.


But it does need to support the children in being able to carry out all activities they will be involved in during the course of their school week.

Therefore, we suggest:

Choice from the following items in grey or black:

Leggings/trousers/jogging pants

Skirt (perhaps with shorts underneath)

White or pale blue polo shirt/blouse/T-shirt

Summer wear may include a blue (striped/checked) summer dress/shorts.

A school jumper - Royal blue cardigan/jumper/sweatshirt – and although there is a jumper with a school logo available, a plain version is just as acceptable.


As children take part in the ‘daily mile’ footwear is of paramount importance so that they are safe to be active throughout the day – consideration should be given to the ‘grips’ on shoes and appropriate trainer shoes (no platform trainers please) are an option.

Parents are informed of when PE lessons are and as these are typically taken outside (unless raining), children can come to school in an appropriate alternative uniform on these days – grey, black, blue jogging/track suit, which can still incorporate the school jumper.


Branded items – with the logo – are available through the following outlets:

Elizabeth’s embroidery

01642 674973


01642 601501

Unbranded items are readily available from a variety of sources including supermarkets, where the prices are very competitive.

We also have access to good quality pre-used items, which have been donated from the school community – let us know if you would like to come and take a look; or look out for the opportunities (usually in the summer term) when these will be displayed and available for all to come along and take away with them.

Children do love to bring a bag to school and we ask that you consider the size of these and what they are needed for when purchasing.

Naming all items is a real help and can avoid upset and anxiety if belongings get misplaced – writing initials with a marker pen on a label is a time effective way to do this.


Jewellery - With the exception of basic watches, jewellery is not encouraged in the school as it can easily be lost or damaged, and occasionally it can cause accidents.

Our expectation is that jewellery should not be worn during PE.

Phones and smart watches, which can create safeguarding issues are not allowed in school – if a child ‘needs’ a phone on the journey to and from school then they must be handed in to the school office on entry and returned after school.


If you are having difficulty providing uniform for your children please contact us in confidence and we may be able to offer some support.

Locally there may also be some financial support through the following:

Yarm Grammar School Trust

Stockton borough council

School admissions team

Planning and partnership

Municipal buildings

Church road Stockton-on-Tees

TS18 1XE

Phone:           01642526604




Billingham and Stockton Borough Foodbank is also offering a free clothing scheme to support families. Call 075835 75522 for more information.