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Trust Policies

Equality in School

Yarm Primary complies with The Public Sector Equality Duty.

Equality should enhance learning through:

  • eliminating unlawful discrimination and harassment
  • promoting equality of opportunity across the school community and celebrating diversity
  • improved outcomes for children, staff and parents/carers in all aspects of school life, in the wider community and in employment.
  • Encouraging behaving in a manner which respects and values cultural and linguistic diversity.
  • Providing challenge and eliminating discrimination, harassment and abuse.
  • Equipping pupils with an awareness of our diverse society and to appreciate the value of difference;
  • Consistently promoting that discrimination is not acceptable;
  • Developing and preparing all our pupils for by providing equal access to a rich, balanced and creative curriculum.
  • Promoting the school community to contribute towards a happy and caring environment and by showing respect for, and appreciation of, one another as individuals.
  • Supporting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child