16 October 2019

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Our Remarkable Trip to the Edge of the Empire

Last week, Year 5 went to a spectacular trip to the edge of the Roman Empire. After a very long coach journey they finally got to the Roman army Museum in which they had a class with a holographic teacher and they watched a 3D film which was absolutely amazing! Then they had a good long meal.

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20 minutes in the coach and they were at Vindolanda. They saw a live excavation and walked around the ruins. We also learned lots at the Vinolanda museum. Finally, we went to the coach and drove home to our long awaiting parents.

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By Arisha Whyte

Category: Year 5

Mr Jefferies
23 October 2019

I really like how you mentioned the live excavation, Arisha! Great pictures too!

23 October 2019

Amazing blog Arina you tried really hard and love the pictures !

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