Image of Welcome Back Year 5!
10 March 2021

Welcome Back Year 5!

What a great return to school for our Year 5 children who have been learning at home these past months! It is wonderful to see you all again and how you're already hard at work and enjoying being back with your friends. We're positive that the remaining weeks of this half term will be full of lots…

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Image of Tudor Roses
10 December 2020

Tudor Roses

As part of their Tudors topic, Year 5 have been cross stitching their own very Tudor roses. They have needed to show excellent attention to detail when following the cross stitch pattern as well as patience and resilience when threading the needle and when things have not quite gone to…

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Image of Investigating Air Resistance
26 November 2020

Investigating Air Resistance

The aim of this week's Year 5 Science lesson was not how fast can an object fall fall but how slow... Why? Because we were studying air resistance and how it can be useful in situations such as slowing down the fall of a parachutist.

The children looked at the effects of air resistance on…

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Image of Tudor Carousel
19 November 2020

Tudor Carousel

This week Year 5 have learnt about Tudor remedies for different illnesses, explored entertainment that was popular in the Tudor times compared to modern entertainment and learnt a little bit about some of the punishments that were around then. They were certainly relieved to realise that we now…

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Image of Use the Force....
12 November 2020

Use the Force....

Year 5 had lots of fun in Science today as they learnt all about gravity and its effects on objects.

They used Newton Meters to measure the mass of objects in grams and then the weight of these objects in Newtons. They discovered that the greater the mass of an object, the greater the weight…

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Image of Were the Tudors really that terrible?
5 November 2020

Were the Tudors really that terrible?

A new half term, a new topic for Year 5! This time, our focus will be history and the Tudor period from 1485 to 1603. 

Our enquiry question is: 'Were the Tudors really that terrible?'

Yes, we all know about that dastardly Henry VIII and how he chopped off the heads of two of his wives. Yes,…

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Image of Art inspired by Henri Rousseau
23 October 2020

Art inspired by Henri Rousseau

As part of our 'Forests' topic, children in Year 5 studied the work of famous French naive artist, Henri Rousseau. They practised using different shades of green, drawing leaves of different textures and positioning objects in the foreground, midground and background. Finally, they successfully…

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Image of The Magic of the Forest!
14 October 2020

The Magic of the Forest!

Year 5 enjoyed a fabulous visit to Saltersgill Woods this Friday as part of the whole-school topic of 'Forests'. They had the opportunity to construct dens, take part in a nature scavenger hunt, build mini beast shelters and even took the time to explore relaxation techniques by doing some…

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Image of What's in a Colour?
1 October 2020

What's in a Colour?

This Thursday, Year 5 celebrated National Poetry Day 2020 and what a fabulous day they had! They enjoyed listening to a selection of poems being read throughout the day and also had the opportunity to check out some classic poems displayed around the classroom, leaving their own comments on…

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Image of What are you reading?
23 September 2020

What are you reading?

Does your current book transport you to a new world? Does your current book excite you and stimulate your imagination? Does your current book have you not wanting to put it down? 

Comment below and say what you are currently reading that has you enthralled, so that someone else can try reading…

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Image of Clone Wars!
17 September 2020

Clone Wars!

Children in Year 5 have been hard at work in Science this week, taking cuttings of Geranium plants as part of a challenge to grow new plants which are genetically identical to their parent plants. This is called asexual reproduction and hopefully, in a few weeks time, we will see roots growing…

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Image of Welcome to Year 5!
3 September 2020

Welcome to Year 5!

It was truly wonderful to welcome Year 5 children to their new classes today! We were thrilled to see you all and we are already very impressed with your excellent behaviours for learning and all-round positive attitude. Keep this up!

As part of our whole-school topic on Forests, in Year 5,…

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