We would like to welcome you to our new term in Nursery.  It is lovely to see the children back.  They have all made us proud of how well they have come back into the Nursery environment and worked hard this week!  We would also like to welcome all new children and their families and we look forward to meeting you all over the next coming weeks.

We have been thinking about what creatures live in forests and woodlands this week and the children have impressed us with their knowledge!  The children have been learning about what the animals homes are called.  They have learned that a badgers home is a sett and a fox lives in a den.  We have looked at a range of natural materials that may be found in woodlands and using a mirror to look carefully at their facial features, the children created a picture of their face.  They were very creative using pine cones for their ears, pebbles for their eyes and twigs for their nose!  The children have also been practicing writing their name to go alongside their faces!