Nursery have been exploring with their sense of touch.  They learnt that touch is one of their senses and it can be very useful to people who are blind.  They can use their sense of touch to ‘see’ what things may look like.  The children have been exploring objects in feely bags and describing what they felt like and guessing what they might be which was lots of fun!  The children have also been learning how useful our hands are and how ‘lost’ we would be without them.  Some people loose their hands or are born without them and so the children have been thinking about other ways in which these people would be able to write, draw, paint or do everyday tasks.  We have also been talking about how people need their hands to work and have been ‘bakers’ kneeding and shaping their own bread buns which we baked then the children took them home to enjoy with their tea!  The children came up with some lovey describing words whilst kneeding their bread dough to how it felt – ‘squishy’ , ‘sticky’, ‘bouncy’, stretchy’ and ‘smooth’ were just a few.