Image of Learning about fish
1 March 2021

Learning about fish

Nursery have been learning all about fish today!  We had a real fish (bought from the fish mongers!) for the children to explore.  They were able to touch it and feel its scales, spot its fins and gills and look closely at its mouth to see if it had any teeth!  They looked through magnifying…

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Image of A Snow Day
8 February 2021

A Snow Day

Nursery enjoyed a 'snow day' today, making foot prints, snow balls, snow castles and they even tried to build a snowman!  They had lots of fun exploring how snow felt and they even tried to catch a few flakes on their tongue!  

Back inside after they had warmed up we learnt all about Chinese…

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Image of Ice Adventures
4 January 2021

Ice Adventures

Happy new year to you all and welcome back to term 2!  This term the children are learning about the polar regions and the animals which live there.  They started off by going on an Arctic Adventure with Peter the Polar Bear and got dressed up in winter woolies to keep warm! Peter Polar Bear told…

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Image of Growing and planting
20 October 2020

Growing and planting

This week Nursery have been learning about how things grow.  We talked about how we grow from a baby to a child and then to an adult and how we change and grow taller.  We talked about how all living things grow - humans, animals, plants and trees.  The children learnt what is needed for each of…

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7 April 2020

It is lovely to see how you are getting on Nursery!

Hi Nursery!  We are thrilled to have received lots of photographs of all the fun learning you are doing whilst you are at home!  It is lovely to 'see' you and we are glad that you are all safe and well!  We miss you all very much!

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11 February 2020

Safer Internet Day

Today Nursery have been learning all about what the internet is and how we can use it to help us with our learning.  We researched facts about our Planet Earth and found out how Earth was formed billions of years ago.  We also researched ways in which we can look after our planet and what would…

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4 February 2020

Is anybody out there?

We have been asking the question this week ''Is there life on other Planets?''  We have found out that to sustain life a planet would need water, warmth and light from the sun, and oxygen just like there is on Earth.  We have been exploring the concept of Aliens living on other planets in our…

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27 January 2020

Exploring the Universe

This week Nursery has gone into Infinity and beyond!  They have been exploring the planets and have learnt which planets there are in space, their names and how far away they are from the Sun and our Earth.  They have learnt some simple facts about them!  Mars is called the 'Red Planet' because it…

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21 January 2020

321 Blast Off!

This week Nursery have been learning all about rockets.  We learnt about an astronaut called Tim Peake who travelled to the International Space Station in a rocket. We watched Tim Peake's rocket launch on You Tube. We learnt that the International Space Station is a satellite and we looked at what…

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15 January 2020

Learning about the Moon

This week Nursery have been learning all about the Moon.  We have learnt about what the Moon actually is, where it is, what it is made of and how astronauts would travel to the moon.  We have researched information about Neil Armstrong and found out some amazing facts!  We thought about what it…

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7 January 2020

Happy New Year and welcome to our new topic - Space!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and welcome you all back! A very warm welcome to our new children and families who are joining us this term!  We have introduced our new topic to the children day and they are very excited to be learning all about Space this half term!  We have…

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3 December 2019

Welcome to the Nursery Nativity

Nursery have been learning all about the story of Christmas this week.  We have our own Nativity stable in our role play area where the children have been able to dress up as Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Kings and even a donkey!  They have been acting out their own stories of Christmas! Very…

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