Image of Our study of sea creatures continues…
8 July 2019

Our study of sea creatures continues…

Nursery have had fun this week finding out all about crabs.  We brought a real crab (dead of course!) into the classroom for the children to investigate.  They had the opportunity to look at its features, find out what it felt like and smelt like!  They learnt that crabs have their skeleton on…

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Image of Soothing Sounds and Fabulous Homework
7 July 2019

Soothing Sounds and Fabulous Homework

Year 4 made Panpipes out of straws to demonstrate changes in the pitch of sounds. We had to use our maths measuring skills and our DT skills. After lots of practice and gentle blowing we were able to perfect our technique and make some interesting soothing sounds.

The end of our Titanic topic…

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Image of Rivershack trip Y3NB
4 July 2019

Rivershack trip Y3NB

What better way to spend a Thursday than messing about on the river!

Our trip started with a stroll down to Yarm High Street, where we took a sharp right and headed down to the river.

The weather was sunny and it put us all in a great mood and got us warmed up ready for the day…

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Image of We have butterflies!!!
3 July 2019

We have butterflies!!!

We are very excited! Some of our caterpillars have now transformed into butterflies!  We have watched our caterpillars grow, build chrysalis’s and develop into beautiful butterflies over the last few weeks! We have seen this remarkable life cycle right in front of our eyes which has brought this…

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Image of Rivershack Boat Trip
3 July 2019

Rivershack Boat Trip

Yesterday Y3AS went on our final trip of the year.

We started the day with a stroll into Yarm, walking down by the river.

We took the boat down to Preston Park. It was fun. We were looking for  unusual wildlife as we have been reliably informed that there are seals in the River Tees these…

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Image of Latest from Craft Club…
2 July 2019

Latest from Craft Club…

Craft Club have been working on making blanket teddy bears.

I am delighted that several people finished their bears today – they have been named and taken home and all look lovely!

Well done crafters.

Mrs W.

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Image of Well done Yellow team!
1 July 2019

Well done Yellow team!

Congratulations to Yellow team for earning the most points during today’s KS2 Sports Day.

Thank you to family & friends who came to offer their support.

Well done everyone.

Fingers crossed for some more lovely weather tomorrow for KS1.

Mrs W.

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1 July 2019

Maths games

We are playing and creating games in Maths this week.

Can you think of any fun games? Do you know the rules?

Can you create your own game?

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Image of Water Safety advice from the RNLI
30 June 2019

Water Safety advice from the RNLI

Year 4 enjoyed a very informative safety talk from the RNLI about how to stay safe when swimming in the sea over the summer. We listened very carefully, as it linked in with other work we had completed on safety around our rivers and canals. We also had the Titanic survivors in our thoughts and it…

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Image of What a festival!
29 June 2019

What a festival!

Thank you to everyone who came along to our Festival on the Field today – the weather definitely helped the relaxed family feel.

The music was fabulous and there was lots to do around the field.

Thanks to Mr Newton for organising the entertainment and to Mrs Besterfield  for ensuring…

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Image of Our School Trip
28 June 2019

Our School Trip

On Tuesday we went to Saltburn.

We got there on the bus, it was a wet and windy journey.

When we arrived in Saltburn we walked through the Italian Gardens, it was very wet but we really enjoyed looking at the different flowers and talking about the birds.  After that we enjoyed playing tag…

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Image of Keeping safe in water over the Summer!
28 June 2019

Keeping safe in water over the Summer!

For your homework this week, we would like you to create a poster or an information leaflet on how to stay safe in open waters. You need to reflect on the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) assembly. You must consider; the use of flags and what they mean, rules around safety, what to do if…

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