14 June 2019

We have had a really exciting start to our new topic – mini beasts!

Earlier this week, Zoolab came to visit us and we had the opportunity to ask questions, look at and handle different types of mini beasts – including cockroaches, giant snails, millipedes, tarantulas and scorpions.

The Nursery children were amazing! They handled the different creatures with care and showed a real interest in finding out about the animals’ different life cycles and habitats.

We found out some really interesting facts…

Did you know you could put a cockroach in the freezer for up to 5 years and it would survive?

We also discovered that snails have 10,000 teeth! Not only that, their teeth are on their tongue.

We found out that snails’ poo changes colour depending on what they have eaten? If lettuce turns their poo green and beetroot turns their poo purple, then what colour would their poo be if they’d eaten carrots?

The children aren’t the only ‘mini beasts’ in Nursery this week!

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