8 October 2019

Year 5 have been enjoying testing out their Science skills in their first Science topic of the year, 'Properties and Changes of Materials'. To investigate which materials would be the best insulators and keep food fresh in a packed lunch box, children wrapped different materials such as fabric around containers and then placed ice cubes in them. Over a 20 minute period, children then took the temperature inside the containers. This was also a great first opportunity for children to find out about independent, dependent and controlled variables. We can already see that we have many budding scientists of the future in Year 5!


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10 October 2019

This was fun !

Mr Jefferies
10 October 2019

It certainly was, Liliya! You worked brilliantly in your team!

11 October 2019

Such a nice experience.I liked testing the temperature.

I loved that amazing test though it wasn't very acurat
12 October 2019


15 October 2019

It was awesome!

16 October 2019

I loved doing this experiment! It was amazing!

Sofia O
23 October 2019

This investigation was awesome !!!!!!!

Jack tatters
29 November 2019

This was fun LOL

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