7 October 2019

Year 4 pupils have been very busy in Science lessons entering the Pioneers Little Inventors competition. We were delighted to discover that many of our energy saving inventions have been uploaded onto the Little Inventors website with comments and encouragement from the real scientists. It has certainly encouraged us to be creative in our thinking. We are keeping our fingers crossed, that we may get one of our entries into the next round of the competition.

Posted by Mrs Chisholm

Category: Year 4

9 October 2019

Science is so fun my favourite part of science so far was making our own inventions. This was #AWESOME

Mr Jefferies
15 October 2019

It's great that you had chance to work with real scientists! Keep it up, Year 4!

8 November 2019

Well done Rosie it looks really good it would be awesome if it actually became real .I bet it would work fine could you think of some more inventions like that , would they work ?

21 January 2020

Good luck Niamh hope you win

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