16 October 2019

Vindolanda Trip

On Wednesday the 18th  of  September all of year 5 went on a trip to Vindolanda. FirstSee the source image we

First we stopped off at the Roman Army Museum.Then we looked at some artifacts and other things. Meanwhile we all went [well some of us went] to a Roman teacher  and he told us how to speak Latin .After we went to see a 3d  movie about the edge of the empire. The day was one of the best trips I've ever had!


By Jose Suarez



Category: Year 5

Mr Jefferies
16 October 2019

It sounds like you had a really great day, Jose!

chris and morrison
16 October 2019

well done good on you (:

Rebekah :)
23 October 2019

Well done you did a really good job I hope you had,a really good time! :)

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