16 October 2019

Wednesday 18th September 2019

Vindolanda and Roman Army Museum

We searched the Roman Army Museum to find the movie  we flipped on our 3 dimensional glasses and learnt how much the Romans were trained for battle and how dull night watch with Steve was!Year 5 rushed round  the museum  to win the hunt to fill the information boxes on our sheets ,we spent a few minutes at the dinosaur skull (everyone said it was a horse’s while we sang “dinosaur” )  . Then they had lunch.Year 5 left to Vindolanda where they were given a talk on how stone-stealers had stole the stone so the houses were nothing but ruins and how Hadrian's Wall had sunk into the ground so they had to keep building over it.Then we got to watch the achaeologists dig and ask questions.Their best find of the year was a Roman toilet seat!  


                                                                                                               By Leena El Bashir   






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23 October 2019

Hi Leena , great blog ! I can tell you enjoyed the trip.

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