17 September 2020

Children in Year 5 have been hard at work in Science this week, taking cuttings of Geranium plants as part of a challenge to grow new plants which are genetically identical to their parent plants. This is called asexual reproduction and hopefully, in a few weeks time, we will see roots growing from the side stems placed in beakers of water. The race is on between Y5PJ and Y5SW to see whose plants will be the most successful so let the clone wars begin!

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Category: Year 5

25 September 2020

I really enjoyed making the geranium plants.?

2 October 2020

I am excited to see which class wins the race.

2 October 2020

Our team will win hopefully. Anyway even if we don't it was still very fun to make but mostly I want to thank the teachers for this amazing science lesson

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