23 September 2020

Does your current book transport you to a new world? Does your current book excite you and stimulate your imagination? Does your current book have you not wanting to put it down? 

Comment below and say what you are currently reading that has you enthralled, so that someone else can try reading it and enjoy it too! 


Posted by Miss Wood

Category: Year 5

Emily B
2 October 2020

Right now I am reading Jess the Lonely Puppy and it's very exciting! And I'm determined to find out what happens next and it's a really good book to read

The author of the book is Holly Web!

Charlotte Attwood
5 October 2020

I'm currently reading harry potter, and normally i get too enthralled in reading it!
I always want too and think too put it down on the next chapter, but in my head i keep saying ''One more chapter wont hurt...''
and then is when i get too carried away!

6 October 2020

I am reading Florence Nightingale. It is really interesting.

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