22 September 2020

Nursery have been having lots of fun exploring trees!  We looked at the trees in our school playground and talked about what we could see.  We talked about their branches, their leaves, the bark and we spotted their roots too!  The children learnt what the roots are for and lots of children knew that in the autumn the leaves change colour and fall off leaving the branches bare in the winter.  We explored the textures of the bark and the children did some bark rubbings which left them with some lovely patterns!  The children also enjoyed hugging a tree!  Back in the classroom the children made pictures of their face using slices of wood, twigs, fir cones and other woodland materials.  They also learnt which animals live in trees and explored different types of birds that they might find in their garden.  They learnt that birds don't have fur, they have feathers instead.  Some children enjoyed some feather craft and made some models of some rather colourful birds!

Alongside the children's learning of woodlands, we are learning about our bodies and how to keep ourselves healthy.  We have talked about how we have a skeleton which is made up of bones, and the children know that we need to drink milk to keep our bones strong.  Today the children have learnt that exercise is important and have discovered where their heart is and what it is for.  They were able to feel their heart beating after we had run round the playgroud and they noticed that their breathing was faster too!


Posted by Mrs Parkes