1 March 2021

Nursery have been learning all about fish today!  We had a real fish (bought from the fish mongers!) for the children to explore.  They were able to touch it and feel its scales, spot its fins and gills and look closely at its mouth to see if it had any teeth!  They looked through magnifying glasses and even tried to draw it!  They were also able to smell it too!!  The children learnt that fish are vertebrate which means that it has a spine.  An octopus and a jellyfish are not fish as they do not have a spine!  Fish use their gills to 'breathe' in the water and their fins are to enable them to swim.  They also found out that fish lay eggs and that whales and dolphins are not fish because they give birth to live young, and these like us are called mammals.  

Posted by Mrs Parkes

Category: Nursery