Torrential rain has become our typical weather!

Kate – the vicar at the church on Holy Island welcomed us as she  always does and offered ‘sanctuary’ this morning.

From our other ‘friends’ on Holy Island:

“We were today visited by Yarm Primary school – on what must have been one of the worst weather days we’ve had!
This was the second year the children and teachers had visited us and they are a pleasure to host.
We entertained them on this horrible day by giving a chat on the history of the island and it’s links to Christianity, then Stephen, our confectioner, gave an entertaining talk on how he makes his Kenspeckle fudges.
The visit was completed with a chocolate quiz and samples of our fudge and biscuits.
See you next year Yarm school children!”

The children are having a games night – almost ready for dorm and packing inspection, but still lots more to do before  coming back tomorrow afternoon.

Mrs W.