Image of Grrr!
15 April 2020


Thank you and well done to Misha for your great response to the drawing challenge - number 2 - a favourite animal...

Your tigers are great and you are very clever to get them to be in proportion - the big one and the little one together - that is really tricky.

Find the challenge  yourself…

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Image of Happy Easter!
13 April 2020

Happy Easter!

I wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter ...I hope you are having some time to enjoy a break  - I 've been in the sand pit and paddling pool (in the sunshine over the weekend) and even found some eggs left by the Easter Bunny!

In school we have started to make a Garden of Hope but it needs…

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Image of Latest from Craft Club…
2 July 2019

Latest from Craft Club…

Craft Club have been working on making blanket teddy bears.

I am delighted that several people finished their bears today – they have been named and taken home and all look lovely!

Well done crafters.

Mrs W.

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Image of Well done Yellow team!
1 July 2019

Well done Yellow team!

Congratulations to Yellow team for earning the most points during today’s KS2 Sports Day.

Thank you to family & friends who came to offer their support.

Well done everyone.

Fingers crossed for some more lovely weather tomorrow for KS1.

Mrs W.

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Image of What a festival!
29 June 2019

What a festival!

Thank you to everyone who came along to our Festival on the Field today – the weather definitely helped the relaxed family feel.

The music was fabulous and there was lots to do around the field.

Thanks to Mr Newton for organising the entertainment and to Mrs Besterfield  for ensuring…

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Image of Campout
21 June 2019


What a great turn out for the Y2 campout tonight.

It’s gone quiet now (just before midnight!) – sleep tight – let’ s have more fun in the morning…

Mrs W.

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Image of Beach party!
20 June 2019

Beach party!

We hope to see you soon at our Summer Beach Party!

Mrs W

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Image of More adventures for Team Yarm!
19 June 2019

More adventures for Team Yarm!

Y3 pupils had a forest adventure on Friday evening ending in the discovery of a magical door with a very strange rusty key – what a mystery!

Unlike Y6, earlier in the week we managed to keep dry until our last activity on Saturday – dam building – when things got a bit messy!

The group…

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Image of Y6 webfooted wonders!
13 June 2019

Y6 webfooted wonders!

Torrential rain has become our typical weather!

Kate – the vicar at the church on Holy Island welcomed us as she  always does and offered ‘sanctuary’ this morning.

From our other ‘friends’ on Holy Island:

“We were today visited by Yarm Primary school – on what must have been one of the…

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Image of Team Yarm battle the weather!
13 June 2019

Team Yarm battle the weather!

Day 2 of our Northumberland adventure has been an interesting one – with a weather warning in place, for our day in Bambrugh.

We have learned some good life skills, including the value of spare socks and that the term ‘waterproof’ is relative!

It was also a chance for our children to support…

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Image of Peace Pathway
8 June 2019

Peace Pathway

Today Y6 pupils and School Council dedicated our Peace Pathway.

Peter, the mayor, and a friend of the school, represented the 1914 committee and enjoyed the readings and songs, presented by the children. Well done to everyone for taking part with respect, particularly in this week when the…

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22 May 2019

Determined athletes!

Well done to everyone in upper school who represented the school today at Middlesbrough sports village.

It was a busy day, with all the children taking part in two events.

Mrs Besterfield and I were both impressed in how composed and determined our pupils were.

Congratulations to…

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