On Tuesday we went to Saltburn.

We got there on the bus, it was a wet and windy journey.

When we arrived in Saltburn we walked through the Italian Gardens, it was very wet but we really enjoyed looking at the different flowers and talking about the birds.  After that we enjoyed playing tag on the lawn it was lots of fun!

Suddenly we heard a ‘Toot’ Toot’ and the miniature train had arrived, it was great – we stayed dry under the cover. The train dropped us off at the shore and we went for a walk to the pier. Once we arrived at the pier we enjoyed our packed lunches (We sat under the pier to stay dry and warm).

In our groups we went and got a vanilla ice cream cone from the Ice Cream Shop Mmmmm yummy!!

Once we were finished we made our way to the cliff lift and enjoyed travelling up the side of the cliff! I went really high but we enjoyed it!

WOW what a wonderful day …. even with the wet, windy weather.