15 September 2020

Science Challenge

This week we have been looking closely at materials in Science.

Did you know that rubbers and t-shirts are made from plants?

Can you  find objects at home that are made from plants?

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13 January 2020


Last week we looked closely at materials. We discussed the difference between a material and an object. We used a range of scientific vocabulary to describe items such as hard, waterproof, smooth etc. Children found different items around the class and described them to a partner, who then guessed…

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Image of Our School Trip
28 June 2019

Our School Trip

On Tuesday we went to Saltburn.

We got there on the bus, it was a wet and windy journey.

When we arrived in Saltburn we walked through the Italian Gardens, it was very wet but we really enjoyed looking at the different flowers and talking about the birds.  After that we enjoyed playing tag…

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Image of We are Artists
19 June 2019

We are Artists

Last week we created the background  for our seaside picture using water colours.

First we created the sand using different shades of yellow and brown.

After that we used blues and purples to create the sea.

Finally we coloured in the sky using pale blue water colours and lots of water to…

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Image of NEW BOOKS
7 June 2019



Today Mrs Crellin awarded each class with some brand new books, we can’t wait to read them during DEAR time.

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16 May 2019


We are learning about a creature that land’s on Earth and doesn’t know where she is!

We are really enjoying learning about Beegu’s different emotions throughout the story. Beegu displays lots of different emotion’s can you name them?

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Image of Division
9 May 2019


This week we have been learning the ‘posh’ name for sharing – DIVISION

We have enjoyed sharing big number between groups of 2, 5 & 10.

Can you work out these tricky questions ?

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Image of Year 1’s Flying Machines
22 March 2019

Year 1’s Flying Machines

This week helped Monsieur Stravganza investigate which materials would be best to build a flying machine.

We needed to think carefully about which materials would be the most suitable and why.

For building a flying machine which properties do you think the materials need to have?


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15 March 2019


This week has been Science week.

We helped the third little pig investigate which material would be the best for building his house.

We answered three questions:

What should the 3rd pig use to build his roof?

What should the 3rd pig use to build his walls?

What should the 3rd pig…

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Image of Maths Evening
1 March 2019

Maths Evening

Last night we had a wonderful evening showing our parents all the different Maths activities we do at school.

We enjoyed learning through investigating and problem solving.

Some children took part in numicon snakes and ladders

Others design a kite to fit with a specific criteria and…

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Image of Does the weather have an effect on water?
15 February 2019

Does the weather have an effect on water?

This week Year 1 Investigated the effect the weather has on water.

First we filled 3 balloons with water and food colouring.

We then placed the balloons in a container ready to place outside over night.

The next day we observed the effect the weather had on the water balloons…They had…

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Image of Internet safety week
7 February 2019

Internet safety week

This week we have been thinking about how to stay safe when using the internet. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do when something appears onscreen that you are unsure of. Smartie the penguin helped us by teaching us this rhyme:

Before you tap and click…

You need to stop and…

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