5 October 2019

Welcome to the Year 4 blog 19-20!

We have already learnt so much over the last few weeks and have been so pleased with how the children have settled into their new classes.

Through our history topic, we have explored the life and times of Anglo Saxon Britain. To support this, the children visited Jarrow Hall museum and ‘Anglo Saxon’ farm last week. We explored a replica Anglo Saxon village, made rune necklaces, battled and listened to Beowulf around a crackling fire.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to thank our parents for all their support and we know that all of the children gained a lot from the day. 

What an exciting start!

The Year 4 Team

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9 October 2019

I really loved that school trip to Jarrow Hall it definitely was the best trip ever.My favourite part was when we saw that goat who couldn’t make that carrot balance in his mouth.

9 October 2019

The trip was awesome. I really enjoyed it and it was so much fun! I hope that you can try to go and see for yourself.

Jack K
9 October 2019

While we went on the school trip we got to enter the Lord's house it was a great experience for every one there. Me and my best friend had a whale of a time .We all got to see the real skin of a bullock, a type of cow and sit around the blazing hot fire and read bay wolf a story we are learning about.

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