Image of We’ve Climbed Much Higher!
12 December 2020

We’ve Climbed Much Higher!

Over the last half term, the children have began to really capture this half term’s enquiry question. 

We have truly climbed higher, developed skills and improved our behaviours for learning.

Tweek we are learning all about Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s outstanding achievement. We…

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Image of Developing Writing!
30 November 2020

Developing Writing!

In Year 4, we’ve writing and want to develop confident and skilled writers.

After learning the features of newspaper reports and investigating all about Otzi the Iceman, we wrote our own newspaper reports. We will then edit and improve these using our success criteria! 

well done Year 4…

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21 November 2020

How High Can I Climb?

This half term we are asking this important question.

It does not only link to our wider topic of mountains but also lets us think about how far we can challenge ourselves. We can achieve anything if we put our mind to it.

This half term we have already 'joined' Yarm Ascent and thought about…

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17 October 2020

Joy of Writing

This week, Year 4 have explored the story 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Browne. 

We wrote an email to Dad and a note as our character ventured into the forest. 

Through the week, we learnt about a range of sentence types and commas in lists and used these to support our…

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Image of ‘Into the Forest’
11 October 2020

‘Into the Forest’

On Monday, we spent a fantastic morning building, walking, laughing and learning. We explored the magic of nature and the resilience of long walks through fields. The children came back to school to complete some amazing art work linked to their morning.

This all sets us up this week for our…

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Image of Y4 Poets
4 October 2020

Y4 Poets

As part of our literacy lesson on Thursday, we explored the joy of poetry for National Poetry day. We looked at the 'World in Colour' through focusing on nature and our question 'Is Change Always a Good Thing?'. 

Here are a couple of the children's marvellous poems!



As the…

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Image of Round the Twist!
21 September 2020

Round the Twist!

As we start to learn about rounding in Year 4 this week, we thought we’d send you a little challenge!

Follow the link below to complete the dice rounding challenge. There are also some trickier versions and interactive dice if you don’t have your own.

We’d love you to share some of the…

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6 September 2020

Welcome to Year 4!

Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to say what a fantastic two days we had and how lovely it was to see you all. You began to settle into our high expectations and worked well through new timings, adustments and lessons. 

Our topic this half term asks the enquiry question - 'Is Change Always a Good…

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Image of Is Change Always a Good Thing?
13 August 2020

Is Change Always a Good Thing?

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Year 4!

We are really excited to welcome you to school in September and to begin our learning journey. 

In our first topic, we will be linking our work into the whole-school topic of 'forests/woodlands'. We will be learning all about the natural environment and…

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Image of Challenge 5 - Nature Diary
24 June 2020

Challenge 5 - Nature Diary

Hi everyone,

Here is your next challenge.

Can you write a nature diary? We'd love to see some of these. If you feel that these challenges can be improved or have any suggestions, then please let us know!


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Image of Y4 Keen Writers
5 June 2020

Y4 Keen Writers

Well done to all the Year 4 keen writers, who are using Home learning opportunities to produce super examples of extended writing. We look forward to reading each new chapter. Great readers make great writers. Keep up the good work, Year 4.

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Image of Challenge 2 - Thanks
12 May 2020

Challenge 2 - Thanks

Following on from our first challenge, this time we're asking you to think of those people who we may wish to thank. This doesn't have to be a long writing activity at all.

We can't wait to see your efforts and we will share some on here when they come in. 

Good luck!

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