11 January 2021

At the end of last week we took advantage of the cold, snowy and icy weather.  We carried out an experiment to see what would happen if we left a tray of water outside overnight.  The children were surprised the next morning when the water has disappeared and ice was in it's place!  The children learnt about how water freezes into ice when it is very cold and they knew that their freezers at home work in the same way to preserve food.  As the day went on the children were able to see the reverse process when the ice began to melt and turned back into water!  Very fascinating!

  This week the children are learning about where different animals live in the world and why.  They practiced their cutting skills whilst cutting out different animals and sorting them into 2 groups - those that live in cold countries and those that live in hot countries.  They also learnt about how some animals are adapted to live in different climates.  For eg Polar Bears have fur on the bottom of their feet to help to keep their feet warm and to stop them slipping on the ice!

Posted by Mrs Parkes