25 October 2019

Year 4 Anglo Saxons Battle it out on You Tube

The Year 4 children have been creating their own Anglo Saxon lyres for their music assembly. We have been discussing the different ways that they sound. Attention has been given to different playing techniques and how to get various pitches from them. This can be seen in two videos that we made…

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Image of 50 Children come to sing on Mondays
17 October 2019

50 Children come to sing on Mondays

It's great to see 50 different children that have turned up to try out Singing Club rehearsals this term. The rehearsals are on every Monday during the second half of lunchtime and anyone is welcome from Year 3 to Year 6. Don't worry about KS1 as they are not left out. We make sure they do lots of…

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30 April 2019

Robin Robin Wood Don’t Lose Your Ted!

It’s that time of year when Year 4 head off to Robin Wood. Let’s send them off in style with a song…

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Image of Easter Stars
26 April 2019

Easter Stars

What a fantastic turnout over the Easter holidays we had at Ingleby Barwick Sunday Market for our singing club. 30 different young voices performed for 30 minutes and sang both old and new songs. Among the new numbers were “star themed” songs which will be featured in a show coming soon! The…

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Image of 100 Subscriptions!
26 April 2019

100 Subscriptions!

Our YP Nation You Tube channel has now reached 100 subscribers! Fantastic news. If you hav’n’t already then please add yourself to this number.

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29 October 2018

Saxon Sounds investigated

For the 3rd Year running the Year 4 classes have constructed musical instruments known as lyres. These were popular in the days of the Anglo Saxons and often accompanied story telling. This time we’ve recorded the instruments and put them onto a video which you can access on our very own YP Nation…

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Image of Creativity Suite becomes Crime scene for Year 2 Music Detectives
9 September 2018

Creativity Suite becomes Crime scene for Year 2 Music Detectives

Various musical clues have been left n the Creativity Suite for the Year 2 budding detectives. They have to collect the evidence and solve the mystery. Questions  to be asked are:

  1. Which instruments have been guilty of playing in the middle of the night and waking people up?
  2. What can you…
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