Image of Rivershack trip Y3NB
4 July 2019

Rivershack trip Y3NB

What better way to spend a Thursday than messing about on the river!

Our trip started with a stroll down to Yarm High Street, where we took a sharp right and headed down to the river.

The weather was sunny and it put us all in a great mood and got us warmed up ready for the day…

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Image of Rivershack Boat Trip
3 July 2019

Rivershack Boat Trip

Yesterday Y3AS went on our final trip of the year.

We started the day with a stroll into Yarm, walking down by the river.

We took the boat down to Preston Park. It was fun. We were looking for  unusual wildlife as we have been reliably informed that there are seals in the River Tees these…

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Image of Drop Everything And Read
23 January 2019

Drop Everything And Read

The children have enjoyed their D.E.A.R time during the school day and are looking forward to working towards meeting the reading challenge. We have already had a visit from a member of staff during our D.E.A.R time. Who will visit us next?

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Image of Egyptian instructions
16 January 2019

Egyptian instructions

The children enjoyed making their Egyptian neck collars and then used their knowledge of this process to record instructions for how to make the collars. Can you identify some of the features of instructions in the writing?

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Image of Ancient Egypt
9 January 2019

Ancient Egypt

Our topic this half-term is Ancient Egypt. What do you already know about this topic? What would you like to find out?

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Image of Welcome back
7 January 2019

Welcome back

We hope that you had a refreshing break and we look forward to the learning in the year ahead. We will start our topic work on the Ancient Egyptians this week, so watch this space for some fantastic learning opportunities.

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Image of Is there life out there?
19 December 2018

Is there life out there?

The children were lucky enough to go on a search for intergalactic life (via the indoor planetarium). The show raised some interesting questions and revealed some amazing facts about life on Earth.

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Image of How do plants transport water investigation
19 December 2018

How do plants transport water investigation

The children made some predictions regarding an experiment involving the transport of coloured water in celery. We have recorded our predictions and method and we will observe the celery over the course of the week to record the results and conclusions from our findings.

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Image of Stick insects
12 December 2018

Stick insects

Year 3 received delivery of some stick insects earlier today. The visiting teacher who brought them, talked about how to look after them and what they eat.

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Image of Stone Age homework
11 December 2018

Stone Age homework

Some of the children have completed the Stone Age home(work) activity and have put a lot of time and effort into their creations. We think that they look fantastic!

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Image of Christmas performances
11 December 2018

Christmas performances

The children have been hard at work remembering their lines and practising their singing for the KS2 Christmas performances this week. They have made a great start and we are sure that this will continue for the rest of the week. Well done!

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Image of Road Safety
30 November 2018

Road Safety

As part of our Road Safety Week, we used some of the Beep Beep! Day resources to further the children’s understanding of road safety. We identified dangers near the road, learnt a road safety song, discussed how to stay safe near the road and each child received a high-viz tag.

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