Image of Famous places and people
2 April 2020

Famous places and people

As you know, in our classroom is a display for famous people and places. As we can’t all be in our classroom, I thought it would be nice to create an area on our blog where we can share our facts about famous people and places. We might even have enough facts to create a year group quiz about…

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Image of Ratio problem
2 April 2020

Ratio problem

Linked to our current topic learning in Maths, we have a problem for you to apply your knowledge to. Please record your solutions to this problem in the comments section.


David says, " The ratio of circle to squares to triangles is 4:2:3."


Sarah says, " No, that is wrong. There are…

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Image of Geography - Latitude and Longitude
1 April 2020

Geography - Latitude and Longitude

Some of you may have completed the geography task for this week. If you have you may want to post the coordinates for some different places around the world and we will see who can correctly identify the location.

I suggest recording the coordinates as 30 degrees N 30 degrees E = ? 

(You can…

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Image of Maths puzzle - I'm thinking of a number
1 April 2020

Maths puzzle - I'm thinking of a number

Let's get some mathematical interaction going. I'm thinking of a number. Record what you think my number is based on the following completed steps:

I'm thinking of a number...

  1.  I multiply it by 6
  2. I add 24
  3. I divide by 2
  4. I multiply by 112
  5. I divide by 4
  6. I multiply by 12
  7. I half…
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Image of Maths challenge - Recipe
31 March 2020

Maths challenge - Recipe

Maths challenge

I have a recipe for cheese scones, but I need to convert the units to grams and millilitres as that's all my scales and measuring jug show. The problem is my measurements are in fluid ounces (fl oz) and ounces (oz).

Can you use these conversion formulas to calculate the…

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Image of Editing our writing challenge
31 March 2020

Editing our writing challenge

I know that some of us have been keen to edit our work (keep up the good work). I thought that we could apply our skills to see who can produce the best paragraph based around my initial efforts. Your challenge is to use the basic piece of writing that I have created and turn it into something…

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Image of White Rose Maths problem
30 March 2020

White Rose Maths problem

By now you will probably have completed White Rose Maths problem of the day 6.

What answers did you get and how did you calculate your solution? Are there any errors which you think people might make?

In the picture is my starting point to question 1.

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Image of Year 6 quiz - Geography round
30 March 2020

Year 6 quiz - Geography round

Let’s start our week off with a general knowledge quiz. There are ten questions. Read the questions carefully and then record your answers in the comments section. Make sure that you don’t look at other responses until the quiz is closed (Friday lunchtime). 


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Image of Reading corner book review
29 March 2020

Reading corner book review

What are you reading? As you can see from the picture, I'm reading The Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie. This book was recommended to me and when I have finished it I will write a book review. Has anybody read this book before? What did you think? Have you completed a book recently? If so, could…

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Image of E-safety
26 March 2020


As we are going to be using the internet quite a bit in the coming days and weeks, we think it is a good time to have some reminders about how we can keep ourselves safe when using devices that connect to the internet. 

The link below will take you to the Childnet website where they have the…

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Image of Our successes this week
25 March 2020

Our successes this week

It would be great to hear about some of our successful learning this week. What work have you completed that you have been proud of? Have you been successful with some arithmetic questions or used a range of sentence types in your writing? Whatever your success has been, please share it.

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13 March 2020


Maths p42 and p29

SPAG p13 and p14

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