1 July 2019

Maths games

We are playing and creating games in Maths this week.

Can you think of any fun games? Do you know the rules?

Can you create your own game?

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Image of Learning this week
14 June 2019

Learning this week

We have learnt lots of interesting facts about castles this week

Do you know what they were made from long ago?

In maths we have been learning about money. Can you say the value of each coin? Could you order them from least to most value?

We have also talked about Water Safety and the…

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Image of Castles
7 June 2019


This week we have asked questions about castles such as;

Why were castles made?

What were they made from?

What is a moat?

Who lived in castles?

We have also found out lots of interesting facts about Castles.

Do you know any?

Children have been creating castles in school and at…

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Image of Fairytales
17 May 2019


We have been very busy reading lots of different fairy tales over the last few weeks.

After reading Little Red Riding Hood we decided to make her a new coat. We looked at different materials and predicted which would be the best.

‘I think the card because it will get wet but the water won’t…

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Image of British Science Week
15 March 2019

British Science Week

As part of British Science Week we talked about what it meant to be a scientist.

‘Scientists working in a science lab’

‘Scientists make things happen’

The focus of British Science week was tunnels to mark the 25th anniversary of the Euro Tunnel opening.

We decided to be scientists and…

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Image of World Book Day
7 March 2019

World Book Day

We are absolutely loving dressing up as our favourite characters for World Book Day. Can you guess what our favourite stories are?

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8 February 2019

Oliver’s Fruit Salad

This week we have been describing fruit and writing speech bubbles from Oliver or his Mum’s point of view.

We have discussed E-safety and created posters demonstrating that we know how to use technology safely.

During Maths we have been completing subtraction calculations using objects and…

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Image of Frida Kahlo
25 January 2019

Frida Kahlo

We have been learning about the artist Frida Kahlo. She has painted many portraits, self-portraits and works inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico. We decided to recreate some of her work by doing observational painting and drawings of fruit. We also ate it when we were finished. Yum

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Image of The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch
18 January 2019

The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch

This week we have been learning about the lighthouse Keepers lunch. We made our own sandwich’s and some of us even tried mustard!! We were not surprised the seagulls didn’t like it.

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Image of Happy New Year
7 January 2019

Happy New Year

We hope you have had an amazing break.

Our topic for this half term is Food.

We will be reading lots of stories linked to food, this week we will be completing tasks linked to the story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’.

We will be measuring food and investigating how much food we can fit…

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Image of The Hullabaloo
13 December 2018

The Hullabaloo

Reception are very excited about our trip to The Hullabaloo in Darlington to watch a magical theatre show about friendship, the moon and being brave in the dark.The trip is Friday morning therefore the children will be back to have lunch at school as usual.

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Image of Surprising sharks
3 December 2018

Surprising sharks

This week we are reading the book ‘Surprising Sharks’. Can you find some shark facts? Which is your favourite shark and why?

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