24 January 2019

Traditional Tales

This half term we have been learning about Traditional Tales.

Can you write a short story using these key words?

Prince Horse
Castle Witch


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Image of Adding and Subtracting using a number line
17 January 2019

Adding and Subtracting using a number line

We have been working very hard over the past two weeks using a number line to find an answer.

Can you use a number line to work out the answer to these calculations?

5  +  7 =                                   12 – 4 =
7 + 4  =                                    15 – 9 =
12 + 5…

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Image of Coming up…
21 December 2018

Coming up…

After a very long term, where we have all worked exceptionally hard, we are getting ready for a well deserved Christmas break.

Our classrooms have transformed over the last couple of days and we are all ready for our new topic in January.

Can you guess what it is?

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7 December 2018

Doubles and halves

This week we have been doubling and halving numbers to 20. We are good at using apparatus to help our understanding. Our next challenge is to learn them without having to use apparatus.

Can you double the following numbers? :





Can you half the following…

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Image of Road Safety Week
29 November 2018

Road Safety Week

This week we have been learning how to keep ourselves safe when we are near roads. We have talked about how to cross a road safely, how to stay safe when inside a vehicle and how to enter and exit a vehicle safely. We have created a poster to remind us to always hold an adults hand when crossing…

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Image of Odd socks
16 November 2018

Odd socks

This week we have been thinking about friendship and what makes a good friend. We came to school wearing odd socks on Monday to remind us that our differences are what makes us special.

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9 November 2018


We’ve had a very busy week starting our new topic of pirates. The book we have started looking at is Pirate Pete and we are following him on his journey across the seven seas to try and find the treasure.

How did pirates navigate the seas?

Are all pirates men?

Are all pirates bad?

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Image of The Big Draw
18 October 2018

The Big Draw

As part of our Big Draw project this year we have been looking at the work of Rose Wylie. We have recreated one of her pieces by drawing around some of the children in our year group and using different pen marks to colour them.

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Image of Part Whole Models
2 October 2018

Part Whole Models

This week we have started looking at part whole models. We did very well with it yesterday even though it was the first time we have looked at it.

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Image of Where were different dinosaurs found?
14 September 2018

Where were different dinosaurs found?

This week we have been using the internet to research dinosaurs. Can you use the map below to find which countries different dinosaurs could be found?

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6 September 2018

Welcome back Year 1!

We have had a busy week settling back into school life and have started our new topic on dinosaurs. We already know lots of interesting facts about dinosaurs. Here are a few of them:

“Triceratops have horns on the top of their head.”

“Dinosaurs were alive in the Jurassic…

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