14 May 2019

Reflecting on the day!

Looking back on today makes me wonder how we fit it all in!

a few highlights:

Y6 really tested their stamina with the Reading SAT this morning.

A cohort from Y5 set off on their residential adventure to Carlton – they certainly chose great weather …

Y3 and a Y5 cohort visited the…

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3 May 2019

The end of our adventure…

We’re just finishing our last activity before starting our walk to the bus to take us back home.

Our group are a stronger team now than we were before we came.

The children have been a credit to the school.

Well done Team Yarm!

Mrs W.

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3 May 2019

And finally…

All safely back from our Alston Adventure – the souvenirs and lost property will be shared with the children on Tuesday ( due to the bank holiday).

If you come across unfamiliar items in your child’s bag this’s weekend, please drop off in the office on Tuesday and we’ll add them to the…

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2 May 2019

Y4 on tour!!!

The rainy afternoon did not dampen the determination of our teams to meet the challenges this afternoon, with enthusiasm.

Team Challenge this evening included some great opportunities for the children to share their ‘stars of the day.’ Congratulations to Forest Team, who came first in the…

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2 May 2019

Day 2!

A busy morning with the sun beginning to shine on us.

We had a great night with only positives to report from the night ninjas!!!

We are looking forward to a busy rest of the day.

Watch this space…

Mrs W.

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1 May 2019

Robinwood – Day 1

We have had a wonderful day!

Lots of challenges and smiling faces.

Everyone asleep…

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26 April 2019

Well done Y6!

I have spent the week in Y6.

Watching our young people tackle the challenges of the week in such a determined way has filled me with pride.

Well done!

AND your homework is:

Maths – p.22 & 26

SPAG – p.21 & 32

and remember your social media t-shirt !!

Mrs W.

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5 April 2019

Thank you to Tesco!

School Council with a cheque for £2000.

This is part of their community work and supports our den building initiative.

Our trust CEO was visiting the school and was delighted to accept the cheque on our behalf – thank you Mr Holmes.

School Council are doing well in making the changes they…

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1 April 2019

Well done Y3!

Our eco warriors in Y3 have been planting trees today.

Mr Smith & Mr Smurthwaite seemed to do the majority of the digging but the children were certainly enthusiastic about the planting.

I look forward to seeing how these tiny trees grow at Yarm Pimary.

Mrs W.

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1 April 2019

Thank you Peter!

Thank you to Peter and the Yarm WW1 committee for letting us use their fabulous signs and flags as part of our peace pathway.

We are still adding detail to the areas but will celebrate them properly next term.

Look out for the doves and return of our ‘poppy man.’

Mrs W.

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27 March 2019

Super writers!

I am really lucky that I get to see some great writing all around school.

This morning I had a visit from two Y1 children who brought their writing from their latest Power of Reading book to show me.

It was BEA-U-TI-FUL!

Which is now Y1’s word of the week…

Well done.

Mrs W.

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12 March 2019

Brilliant design team

This morning in assembly a team of Y6 pupils showcased the designs they have been working on in Golden Time for a number of weeks.

Congratulations – your designs are creative and unique!

We then shared the results of the recent Circle Time survey – it was fabulous that 100% of pupils valued…

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