Image of Reading superstars!
15 February 2019

Reading superstars!

Year Two are loving our Drop Everything and Read Time! We’ve read nearly 400 books this half term and the children are thoroughly enjoying reading a wide variety of texts. Many of the children have moved from reading picture books to chapter books. Keep it up Year Two- you are reading…

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Image of Puppets
11 February 2019


This half term Year 2 have designed and made Australian animal puppets. We have had a variety of animals including snakes, frogs, sharks, koalas, kangaroos and even a duck billed platypus!  We used our puppets as inspiration to create a story including our animals and even made them into an ebook!…

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Image of Shape fun!
18 January 2019

Shape fun!

Today we have used Geo boards to make 2D shapes, thinking carefully about how many sides and corners each shape has.   Next week we will be looking at lines of symmetry in 2D shapes and the properties of 3D shapes.

How many shapes can you spot around your home?

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Image of Home or Away?
11 January 2019

Home or Away?

Last half term we looked at the United Kingdom and this half term we are studying Australia.

See what you can find out about Australia.

How is it similar and different to our country?

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21 December 2018

Merry Christmas

We would like to take this opportunity to say that the children have worked very hard this term and produced some fantastic pieces of work. We hope you all have a lovely break and we are sure the children will return in January ready for some great learning! Merry Christmas!

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14 December 2018

What a great week we’ve had!

We want to say a great big well done to all of the children this week! They’ve put on two fantastic performances of The Inn Crowd and created some amazing animations on our school trip. If you haven’t had chance to check out their animations please have a look at…

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Image of Road Safety Week
28 November 2018

Road Safety Week

Year 2 have been thinking about how to keep safe near roads as part of the Brake, Road Safety Week.

After completing lots of different activities Y2SW have come up with 10 ways to keep safe when you are near roads.

10 ways to keep safe around roads

  1. Always stand next to the car and not…
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Image of Our sculptures
9 November 2018

Our sculptures

This week we have started looking at sculptures around the UK.  We looked at a range of sculptures from our local area and had a go at making our own human sculptures. See what sculptures you can find in your local area. What are they made from?

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Image of Our animations
24 October 2018

Our animations

This week Year 2 have been making an animation using I can animate software.

They worked in small groups to create the props and film a scene. Each animation shows the key events from The Great Fire of London.

Ask our history detectives all about what happened in 1666.

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Image of Wonderful homework
19 October 2018

Wonderful homework

This is just a selection of the fantastic homework we have seen this half term. Well done Year 2, you’ve produced some great homework with lots of different facts about our body!

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12 October 2018

Sausage competition

This week the children have had fun entering a sausage competition ran by Freemans catering company, where the winner will have their own sausage made!

The children enjoyed tasting different types of sausages and talked about which one they preferred. The children designed their own sausage and…

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Image of Well done Y2SW
20 September 2018

Well done Y2SW

Last week our class had 100% attendance! Well done everyone.. a great achievement!

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